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It's GO for Paris Epicentre!

To our dear La Cité family, together with friends and partners,

Several months ago, we embarked on a journey of faith, one that we weren't immediately looking for, but which presented itself to us and which we felt came from the Lord.

I'm talking about the Paris Epicentre project, this historic opportunity to purchase permanent premises for La Cité church, but also more widely to spread the Gospel and have a more effective and lasting impact on the surrounding community in Paris, for France and beyond.

There's a long story behind this project that we'll be sharing with you very soon, and which we hope will come to fill us with faith and encourage us.

As you may know, our initial target was to raise €1M by August 15th. However, contractual terms have evolved over time for a number of reasons. This target was therefore reduced to 700K€ and then to 636K€. At one point, we wondered about what the minimum target should be for taking the first step. While the ideal target remains 636K€, we felt that a minimum target of 466K€ would enable us to take the first step and integrate the premises. This target includes the first contractual payment and a budget of 50K€ for furniture, but no renovations.

As a result of the faith and generosity of many of us at La Cité, as well as some partners and friends of La Cité internationally, we have now reached the sum of 416K€. We still need at least 50K€ for furniture (chairs etc.) and, ideally, a renovation budget as well.

As we had committed to the seller to give a definitive answer on July 31st, a decision of faith (again) was necessary. After much prayer, advice, discussion and seeking the Lord's will, we are pleased to inform you that :

We expect to sign on September 1st. Our last service at Salle Colonne (our current venue) will be on Sunday, October 1st. Our first service at Paris Epicentre will be on Sunday, October 8th.

Without you, it wouldn't have been possible.

We take this first step in faith, with gratitude to God and to everyone who has made this journey with us. Without you, it wouldn't have been possible.

We are aware that we have a long road ahead of us to become owners in 2 years time. We trust God for this. He has brought us this far, and our faith is in Him for the rest as well. We're very excited about the season ahead.

For the members of La Cité, we will be holding an Extraordinary General Assembly at the end of August to discuss this further.

We're aware that this is a huge change for La Cité. It brings about its own share of insecurities and uncertainties, which no one is immune to. Let's not allow fear to get the better of us. Let's keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Above all, let us celebrate this step of faith together, while continuing to walk with obedience and humility.

With much love,

Fred and Vanessa on behalf of the eldership team

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