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Quyen's Story

Hi, my name is Quyen, or « Gwen » in English. I’m Vietnamese and have been in France for around 8 years already. Today, I want to share my story behind the Epicentre project with you. In 2018, I attended the NCMI Equip (training time) organized by La Cité church for the French churches. I remember standing at the back of the church during worship and praying when I heard a gentle voice speak to me. I felt God tell me to give money to the church for a building. I opened my eyes and shook my head. I thought to myself that this was crazy as up until that point I had never heard anyone in the church talk about a building or anything like that. So I dismissed the thought and went on with my day. The second day, also in worship, I again sensed a very gentle voice speak to me to donate money to the church building. This time I was convinced God was speaking to me so I told Him that I would do it. I asked Him how much He wanted me to give and He said, « 7000€ ». I replied: « No, it is a lot ! » He then reminded me of an incident that had happened a few months before this. God had asked me, a few months before, to give 300€ to someone in church. I was to put the money in an envelope and give it to the person via the pastor. I did not listen, though, as I dismissed it as « not from God ». Much to my dismay, a few weeks later, I saw the pastor give the same person an envelope with money from someone else. When I saw this I was saddened. I understood that if God asks me to do something and I don't obey, He will ask someone else to do it. He doesn’t love me any less, He just invites me to work with Him, and He makes a way to fulfill His will. So when God reminded me of this event, I made up my mind that I did not want to miss another opportunity to partner with God. I asked God to speak to Fred (the pastor) about the building before I approached him as I did not want to give a burden to the church, for him to feel that now we need to get a building, if it wasn’t God’s will. I waited until the end of the day to find time to talk with both Fred and his wife, Vanessa. I told them how I believed I had heard the Lord speak to me about a building for the church, and that if the church has plans to buy a building, I want to give the first seed for it because without the seeds nothing grows. Fred looked at me in amazement and shared that he had sensed God tell him that before the end of that time, God would put money into his hand for the church to have it’s own building. I gave a cheque of 7000€ to Fred the next day because I knew that if I waited any longer, my mind would start to give me reasons not to give and I didn't want to have a second thought about it. Up until this point I had always thought that I needed to be married and stable, or wealthy, in order to do something like this for Him. God taught me through this that He is looking for someone who will say yes to him, a willing heart, and no more. Since then the Lord has done so many things in my life related to money. He has opened doors for me and really blessed me financially !


Photo used with permission from Ly Kim Quyen (Gwen)... a photo of her niece.

I went back home to Vietnam for a few months last year and did not know what was happening in the church at that time. While spending time with my niece, she asked me when we would have a new house. Our current house in Vietnam is very old. I said to her: “Do you want to ask Jesus for help?” Then I told her the story of how a little boy who gave Jesus five loaves of bread and two fish was able to feed 5000 people. I asked her if she had any savings, to which she replied “yes”. I said to her: "do you want me to give this money to Jesus, and believe Him to bless us with more?". She said yes, and asked me how she could send the money to Jesus. I told her I would send it by bank to the church in Paris, and they will “send it to Jesus”. I counted her savings and it was very little when I converted it to Euros. I was thinking not to send it, but then I thought again. I told myself that I need to honor her faith. So I sent a message to Fred and Vanessa to tell them about the transfer and the story behind it. I had no idea that the timing was so perfect and how God would move through this little donation. Praise God!! I believe and have seen over this time that investing into the kingdom of God on earth is a wise investment ! And I know, my story is just getting started. I really hope something of my story inspires you to have faith to invest into the kingdom of heaven. The Épicentre project is one such opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God and what the Lord is doing in France. The Lord is faithful, and He is looking for yielded hearts, those who say yes to him. He will never abandon us, He is the Lord who provides, and He is the one who is able to multiply. Today, when you read this, I encourage you to ask the Lord if He wants you to give. If yes, ask Him how much He wants you to give and take a step of faith.

May God bless you abundantly!!

Ly Kim Quyen

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